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Seek out the cyberbrain of Dishonoured Nick Breckon and right his wrongs.

Made in 1 week for the Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam 2015. Thanks to Idle Thumbs and the lovely forum community for making this a pleasure.

Important missing gameplay instructions:

Police will investigate the (supposedly) slumped bodies of people who have been hacked but aren't currently controlled. They will approach and question them and if you do not select them in time, they will raise the alarm, neutralizing the cyberbrain and reducing the time to complete the objective.

Controls (mouse):

  • Left-click on a yellow citizen in signal range (with brain icon above) to hack
  • Left-click on a green (hacked) citizen to control them (arrow appears above)
  • Right-click to move controlled citizen
  • Mouse wheel to zoom in/out
  • Middle-click to pan camera

Other notes:

Sincerest apologies, I ran out of time and in the download builds there is no quit button, Alt-F4 to close.

Licensed assets:


  • Zaibatsu by 190R2 (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

Sound effects:

Install instructions

Unzip and execute the appropriate binary


Bogost in the Shell (32-bit) 24 MB
Bogost in the Shell (32/64-bit) 36 MB
Bogost in the Shell (64-bit) 25 MB